How to clean rust stains out of your carpet?

rust stains cleaning tips

Probably, you have heard how hazardous water and humidity can be to a carpet. Besides, causing some really bad odor and becoming a huge risk for mold formation, water is the main reason for your rug to be covered with rust stains. Of course, it also requires some metal object! In all cases, having a […]

Things used in cleaning the house

house cleaning tools

While there are the obvious cleaning tools and products which the majority of the households have and use for cleaning, there are some nice tips to actually improve and overhaul your cleaning tools and stuff: 1. Don’t overdo it with the cleaning products.  Try picking and using one type of cleaning product which is universal, […]

How to clean jam stains out of your carpet?

clean jam stains

Jam is a food type everyone loves – you don`t have to be a kid to be in love with a breakfast of pancakes with jam, right? But it`s the parent, who is supposed to remove those nasty jam stains out of the carpet! Thankfully, from now one this is no longer a hard task. […]

How to clean carpet without vacuum

clean your carpet without vaccum

So, your vacuum cleaner just stopped working, and you are wondering how to best clean your carpet without it. Sure, regular vacuuming your carpets and rugs is the best DIY cleaning method, to keep as much dirt, dust and debris from getting embedded in your carpeting, and to keep it well maintained, hygienic and safe […]

How to Clean Urine Stains out of Your Carpet?

Urine Cleaning

There is no point in counting and explaining the possible cases for making a urine stain on the carpet. It`s obvious how and when it can happen. Besides, what is more important is to know how to deal with such a spot. Removing carpet stains is usually a delicate problem. The different approaches depend on […]

How to Clean your Carpet From Bed Bugs?

Bed cleaning

Bed bugs do not habit beds and upholstery only. Actually, once appeared in your home, they spread quite fast. Eventually, bed bugs start hiding inside and under the carpets, as well. When you have bed bugs, your task is not only to sanitize and disinfect your sleeping area, but also the other sources of them […]

How to Clean Poop Stains out of Your Carpet?

Poop stains on your carpet

  If you have a pet, then you know what it is to deal with a poop stain on the carpet! Or you have never that bad luck to see your dog or cat to have done such a mischief? Well, there `s a first time for everything. So does for a carpet poop stain. […]

How to Clean your Carpet Cheaply?

Clean Carpet London

Whether it is your naughty dog that pees everywhere, or your children, who love playing on the ground, carpets might be in a risk at your home all the time. Probably, you are in a constant stress of finding the right way to keep those luxurious rugs intact and fresh. But you shouldn`t. And you […]

How to Clean your Carpet Without Shampoo?

carpet cleaning without shampoo

What we are used to do, when it comes to cleaning the carpets at home, is to apply shampoo. This is a specially tailored commercial product that is made for rugs and sometimes, for upholstery furniture, too. They can be found in any store, but there is a catch about them, too. Cleaning the carpet […]

Making the Cleaning of Your Stove Top Easy

stove cleaning home tips

One of the most dreaded cleaning jobs is cleaning the stove after you have done some serious and messy cooking. Here are some ideas for cleaning a gas stove top easily and efficiently. First of all, fill your sink or a wash basin with warm soapy water to put the grates from the stove in […]

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