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Adept Curtain Cleaning In Hampstead NW3

Are your curtains saturated with the smell of last night’s party? Have they accumulated too much dust, or is it just time for your spring cleaning? Then our company’s service is the right one for you. With one of cleaning and regularly scheduled visits we can clean, deodorize and remove dust from all curtain types and sizes. With all natural detergents that are safe for use around children and pets, we can fully rejuvenate and change the vibe of your living room.

Benefits Of Booking Our Services

Curtain Cleaning Services HampsteadDust can settle quite easily in the fine fibers of your curtains, with the help of our vetted cleaners this can be a thing of the past, successfully rejuvenating and refreshing the colours of precious textiles. Select us now and you will have the following benefits:

  • Full dirt and grime removal
  • Recognized cleaning agency
  • Fair prices. No hidden fees
  • Gentler, softer textiles
  • Combined booking discounts

Want to bring back your curatins lustrous looks? Then simply dial 020 3746 8239 and our skilled and fully insured employees will restore your drapery's orriginal colors and fully remove all spots. We do not require any deposits. Same day appointments available. 

Service Details 

Dry cleaning – is the safe way to go when dealing with natural, shrinkage prone materials like silk and cotton. The procedure is so gentle that it can even treat satin and other sensitive natural materials without running the risk of damaging them. To properly apply our granulated detergent, our technicians need to de-install your curtains, but don’t worry, after the procedure is done, they will put them back together without charging you anything extra. The detergent itself is deprived of all moisture and in fact designed so it can draw moisture out of the fibers of the textile. We apply it, wait it to react with the stain for about 15 minutes then extract with a hoover, easy as that.

Steam cleaning – offers a great flexibility as the machine we use has a portable version that can easily reach even the highest of curtains. No de-installation is required for the proper application and cleaning, meaning that the curtains will be minimally disturbed, resulting in almost no wrinkles. The hot water and detergent act as anti-bacteria and anti-fungal agents that completely clear away any microbes that might be linger in your curtains. There is almost no drying time with 95% of the moisture being drawn out along with all the dirt and grime.

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Give us a call 020 3746 8239 and the 24/7 customer relations team will set you up with a convenient time and date, all according to your personal schedule and preferences. The flexible scheduling and payment systems make us one of the most desirable cleaning services in Hampstead. Try us out today, and receive a free non obligatory quote.