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Deep Mattress Cleaning in Hampstead NW3

Are you suffering from a bed bug infection, or have dust mites invaded the most sacred place in your home? Then its time for you to call the professional bed bug and dust mite exterminators – Local Cleaners Hampstead. We safely but surely remove and exterminate entire bug populations in a matter of minters with no recidivism rate and successfully extract stains and unpleasant odors from all mattress types and sizes.

Why Trust Us?

Mattress Cleaning Services HampsteadDust mote bites can be quite vicious, protect yourself and your family with our service, we will not only kill of any nasty critters, but also fully sanitize and deodorize your mattresses, with no hassle or using any dangerous or harmful chemicals. Choose us now and you will get:

  • Full stain removal
  • No more bed bug bites or rashes
  • Skilled & insured technicians
  • Pet and food odours removal
  • Affordable rates

Want to have uninterrupted sleep again? Dial 020 3746 8239 now and we will quickly send our expert team. They will fully clean & sanitize your bed. No more bed bugs. No deposits. No hidden fees. Whole Hampstead NW3 area served.

Mattress Cleaning Methods Explained

U.V light treatment – is our hidden weapon. We use it to fight off all dust mite and bed bug infestations. For a full effect we use 2-3 U.V lights that emit a precise and efficient light that penetrates all layers of your mattress, killing of all bugs in its reach, successfully removing mites in all stages of development. As a follow up procedure we vacuum clean the surface to fully remove all carcasses and fecal matter, the usual culprits for allergies in adults and children. This treatment is safe for use around children and animals and uses no harmful chemicals, leaving your bed mattress a clean, bed bug free place to rest.

Steam cleaning – allows us to extract stains and unwanted odors from every mattress type without having to worry about damage or mold growth. The high temperature generated during this treatment sanitizes the surfaces while simultaneously working deep into the fibers, dissolving the molecular structure of stains and killing of odor emitting bacteria. We extract everything with a powerful vacuum cleaner and store it in a safe container to prevent further contamination. The service uses specialized, bio-degradable detergents that are child and pet safe as well as friendly towards the environment.

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You can book us by calling our 24/7 customer hotline at 020 3746 8239 or by joining the instant chat room where the same team of friendly and informed client managers will answer all of your cleaning related questions. While on the line you can receive a free booking form as well as information about Local Cleaners Hampstead.