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Reviewed by Robert Given on Jun 10, 2015

To anyone thinking about booking this service - do it now. This is my 3rd time calling them and they have been spot on every single time. No hassle, very pinpoint, honest workers that are just looking to properly clean. I am very happy with their methods, what ever they are doing they are doing it right.

Reviewed by Jack Patiollo on Feb 19, 2015

I don’t really understand what they are doing, I try and stay away and not interfere with their work, but what ever these people are doing its working like a sinful devil. This is the first time booking this service and I was nervous, like any other homeowner, and wasn’t sure if they would do their job right, but so far I am yet to find a flaw with their methods. Absolutely clean, bright as new carpet, no moisture, no dust or dirt to be seen, fantastic work, would recommend them to anyone looking.

Reviewed by Jerald Slochek on Apr 13, 2014

My wife and I are quite busy even during the weekends and rarely have the time to dine together let alone clean the house. Holidays were coming up and this service was recommended to us and I can’t express my gratitude towards the crew members they sent. It’s because of their professional attitude, fast work and overall great performance, that we managed to do what we did. Given the amount of work they had to do, what it cost us and the final results I am safe to say that this is a reliable company.

Reviewed by Stacy Canung on Nov 3, 2013

My mother-in-law told me about this service and recommended it to me after having some issues with an old rug of hers. The birthday of my youngest one came up and I needed the house cleaned quickly, and had no time to do it myself. I phoned in, scheduled an appointment and even got a free price estimation, before finally booking. The crew came on time, brought all of their equipment and got on with their cleaning. I have to say, these people sure know what they are doing!

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