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Don’t tolerate stains on your precious, exotic rugs, have them cleaned by the best cleaning service in Hampstead NW3. We do even the oddest of jobs, the largest and most exotic of rugs, with great care and attention to detail and a full insurance to guarantee the safety of all of your belongings. Our fully vetted team of experts is ready to deal with any rug cleaning related problem you can throw at them.

Benefits Of Booking Us

Rug Cleaning Services HampsteadWith professional hands touching your precious rugs, the chance of damage, discolorations and other unpleasant occurrences is significantly lower. With our teams, you can expect:

  • Absolute stain & spot removal
  • Softer, gentler textiles
  • Well trained & insured technicians
  • Competitive prices
  • Hot offers & discounts

Want to see those nasty spots on your rug finally removed? Then pick up the phone and call us at 020 3746 8239 or fill out our booking form. Either way our call center reps will quickly respond you and help you choose the best deal for you. Flexible appointments. No upfront payments required. Whole Hampstead NW3 area covered.

Rug Cleaning Explained

Dry cleaning – is our main ally when dealing with natural fibered rugs that cannot withstand heat or moisture. Because it uses a granulated detergent as a cleaning mechanic, rather than heat and water, this treatment is ideal for use on all natural fibers, giving them a thorough clean without harming or impairing their structural integrity. The detergent is applied on the affected are with a fine brush that allows for the thorough contact between the detergent and the stain deep in the fibers of your rug. After 15 minutes of waiting for their proper chemical marriage, they are both drawn out, leaving a clean and ready to use rug.

Steam cleaning – is the more powerful and potent treatment of the two, however, as it uses high pressure steam as a cleaning mechanic, it is best used on synthetic and woolen rugs. The benefits of the high temperatures that are produced during this treatment are that they act as a barrier, killing of any harmful bacteria in the process while simultaneously dissolving all stain types. This procedure is so powerful that it can deal with engine oil, damaging natural oils and even paint thinner and make up.

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Can be done by a phone call 020 3746 8239 or by submitting a filled in booking form located on our website. If you want instant booking give us a call and our team will set you up straight away, no hassle or delays. In case you want to learn more before you book, contact us using the methods listed above or by joining our instant chat room where the same 24/7 customer support team will address all of your concerns.